Crossmint Goes Live on Cardano
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Crossmint Goes Live on Cardano

Today, Crossmint support on Cardano goes live with leading NFT launchpads NMKR and Peppermint launching their first drops with fiat payments this week.

Today, Crossmint support on Cardano goes live with leading NFT launchpads NMKR and Peppermint launching their first drops with fiat payments this week.

Crossmint Supports Cardano Blockchain

Today, we're going live on Cardano: the 3rd largest blockchain by NFT volume, closely trailing Ethereum and Solana. With our expansion to Cardano, we make the chain accessible to new and seasoned NFT owners everywhere: buyers can purchase Cardano NFTs with just a credit card and email address!

When a buyer uses Crossmint, they'll experience a user-friendly checkout that feels like the traditional online shopping experience they're used to. Our goal is to lower the barrier to entry into NFTs for new users, and we do so with a familiar wallet experience - accessible from any device via our website - and credit card checkout.‍

You can create a free Crossmint profile and access your wallet anytime on our website. Once you've purchased an NFT using Crossmint, you can store your collectibles in your Crossmint wallet or export to a wallet of your choice, for free. Watch the user experience of our checkout process in under 1 minute:

Cardano NFTs account for over half a billion dollars in all-time transaction volume across all chains, with over 1 million users. Cardano's unique Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm allows for fast and scalable transactions, which is essential for NFT marketplaces that can have high amounts of traffic.

Going Live on Cardano's Biggest Launchpads

We're launching fiat payments and user-friendly wallet infrastructure with NMKR and Peppermint, going live with their first Crossmint-powered drops this week.‍

NMKR is the largest NFT launchpad on Cardano, with over $59 million in transaction volume on their platform.

Peppermint goes live with fiat payments on their drop with the Working Dead NFT on February 4th!

With Proof-of-Stake consensus, Cardano offers lightning-fast transactions, low energy consumption and unparalleled security. It is also fully customizable, allowing developers to create a wide range of decentralized applications that cater to various industries and use cases. From finance to healthcare and everything in between, we believe NFTs on Cardano offer a breadth of revolutionary real-world utilities.

About Crossmint

At Crossmint, we believe that the future is cross-chain, and that blockchains will become akin to computer operating systems for the end-user. Developers will create highly-efficient and secure systems by combining the advantages of different blockchains. For instance, they may utilize a fast and scalable blockchain for high-speed transactions and another blockchain with stronger security features for sensitive data storage. Multiple blockchains enable interoperability, which means different blockchains can communicate and exchange data with each other, providing greater flexibility and new use cases for users. Our expansion into Cardano, along with our currently supported chains (Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche) moves the needle towards an interoperable world.‍

To add Crossmint to your Cardano NFT platform, reach out to our Sales team! Our fiat on-ramp is free to integrate.

By Rohit Ramesh profile image Rohit Ramesh
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