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Crossmint joins Mastercard's Start Path Program to provide infra support to builders in Web3

Crossmint x Mastercads Start Path Program

Crossmint is joining Mastercard’s Start Path Blockchain and Digital Assets program to accelerate enterprise adoption of NFTs and digital assets 🔴🟠

Scalability and Simplicity 

Earlier this year, Crossmint powered the NFT wallet and minting infrastructure of Mastercard's Artist Accelerator, onboarding 100,000+ people into web3 in just a few days. Today, we are joining their Start Path program to bring reliable, scalable, and compliant blockchain infrastructure across the organization and its partner network.

Blockchain is transforming most areas of society. But building and using web3 use cases is still extremely complicated. We are here to solve this, helping companies build blockchain applications without requiring any blockchain experience or holding cryptocurrency, and creating user experiences indistinguishable from web2.

The world is coming onchain. Most large enterprises are prototyping behind the scenes and building the foundation of what’s to come, faster than people realize.

Crossmint is becoming the leading enterprise-grade web3 platform, powering a myriad of use cases for 30,000+ companies and developers across financial services, brand loyalty, gaming, entertainment, healthcare, and more. We couldn't be more excited to join forces with Mastercard to make this happen, faster, pairing our infrastructure with their vast network and distribution channels.

Slow at first. Then all at once ⛏️