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Crossmint’s NFT Minting API Goes Live on QuickNode’s Marketplace!

Our NFT Minting API is now available for Solana and Polygon on QuickNode.

Crossmint’s NFT Minting API Goes Live on QuickNode’s Marketplace!

Our NFT Minting API is now available for Solana and Polygon on QuickNode. The API removes all complexity from NFT minting; with a simple to use, single RPC request, you can mint and deliver an NFT to anyone — even if they don’t have a wallet.

About the Minting API

At Crossmint, we see the potential of NFTs as a revolutionary computing primitive. We’ve seen NFTs used in industries from gaming to ticketing, financial services, and consumer brands, for use cases such as loyalty programs, digital certification, fan interaction and more.‍

Creating your own NFT program, however, is expensive and time consuming. We’ve heard from many brands how it took them more than a month to get everything set up: from finding smart contract devs, to doing security audits, figuring out how to manage keys internally, acquiring crypto, and getting NFTs out to users. And this is only to get a basic integration going.

With Crossmint, anyone using QuickNode can make and deliver NFTs to any person on the planet with a single RPC call. We’ve battle tested it with infrastructure that’s supported hundreds of thousands of mints in a secure and reliable way. In one call, Crossmint:

  • Deploys the smart contract
  • Uploads metadata to IPFS + pins it
  • Creates a wallet for the user if they don’t have one (associated to an email address)
  • Estimates gas fees and pays them on behalf of the user
  • Mints the NFT. Crossmint is resilient to gas wars and network slowdowns — if a mint fails we’ll retry it in the backend to ensure deliverability
About the Minting API

We’re enabling anyone to mint NFTs with one single API call and send them to any wallet or email address. If the recipient doesn’t have a wallet, we create one for them. Developers and enterprises across industries can embed NFTs within their products, in seconds, at scale — the API can be used to easily mint single NFTs or collections with thousands of tokens.

QuickNode’s Marketplace

We’re excited to partner with QuickNode to make it easier for enterprises and developers to mint NFTs at scale. Together, we look to onboard the next billion users into Web3!

QuickNode's Marketplace

QuickNode is an RPC provider; when querying a blockchain, you query through an RPC node which QuickNode operates. QuickNode is the first point of contact for many of Web3 developers and users, and we’re thrilled to increase access to our Minting API together.‍

Via the QuickNode marketplace, any developer can add the Crossmint NFT Minting API add-on, enabling them to call the Minting API from their standard Web3js workflow through QuickNode.

Getting Started

Check out the marketplace and get the API as an add-on here:‍

Rohit Ramesh profile image Rohit Ramesh
DevRel Engineer at Crossmint