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Disrupting the Ticketing Industry with NFTs

NFTs have the potential to revolutionize music, live events, fan engagement and more.

Disrupting the Ticketing Industry with NFTs

NFTs have the potential to revolutionize music, live events, fan engagement and more.

Why NFTs as tickets just make sense

The ticketing industry has long been plagued with issues like ticket scalping and fake ticket purchases. By utilizing NFTs, it becomes easier to verify the authenticity of the ticket — on-chain metadata will show the origin of the ticket and artists can verify the ticket collections on NFT marketplaces for safer, faster peer-to-peer trading.‍

An artist can set royalties on their NFTs, which means that every time a ticket is resold after the initial sale, the artist receives a percentage of the resale transaction payment. Royalties result in money going directly to the artist instead of a third party or ticket scalper.

Token-gated events

We’ve barely scratched the surface of real-world NFT utility, but NFTs as tickets into gated events is an early and already prominent use-case. Many NFT communities host in-person meetups that require attendees to present their NFTs at time of entry. The possibilities for NFTs in this realm extends to membership programs (gyms, health clubs, country clubs), in-person and virtual meetups, and much more.‍

What NFTs can solve in event ticketing

  • Eliminate fake ticket sales from resellers
  • Verify ticket holder identities for gated events
  • Enable musicians to receive revenue from resold tickets
  • Tickets as souvenirs — turn your ticket into a commemorative NFT after the event

Where Crossmint comes in

When minting an NFT with Crossmint, a QR code is automatically generated and tied to your NFT. In your Crossmint NFT wallet, you can pull up your NFT’s QR code, which can be used as proof-of-ownership for ticketed events. With our whitelabel wallets, enterprise ticketing companies can dive head-first into utilizing NFTs while maintaining a consistent user experience for buyers.

We offer a NFT Minting API that can mint thousands of NFTs with the click of one button. The Minting API can be used to quickly and cheaply mint NFTs to be distributed as tickets.

Learn more & use the Minting API here:

We’re thrilled to continue supporting NFT drops that are already revolutionizing music festivals. Recently, SUPERF3ST, Tomorrowland, and The Grass is Greener all enabled Crossmint for their buyers, making it incredibly simple for non-Web3 native folks to get their tickets as NFTs!

Real-world examples of NFTs in events & ticketing — buyable with Crossmint! — Founders of Bonnaroo and Outsidelands

SUPERF3ST, by the founders of Bonnaroo and Outsidelands, is pushing the festival world forward by creating a decentralized, community-driven music festival. By minting a SUPERPASS NFT, holders have the right to participate in planning SUPERF3ST and receive a ticket to the first-ever festival in Summer 2023.‍

Learn more: — 600,000 attendees in 2022

Tomorrowland Music Festival, currently in its 16th year, is one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world. Their Reflection of Love NFT collection gives holders access to giveaways of events, experiences, backstage passes & more. They plan to release 3 collections — holding one NFT from each collection completes the Medallion of Memoria, granting holders access to secret shows at Tomorrowland events and guaranteed access to tickets for future Tomorrowland events, forever.

Learn more: — Australia’s first NFT-ticketed festival

The Grass is Greener is offering limited edition NFTs as entry into their 2022 festival. Holders are also entered to win lifetime festival access, backstage and VIP passes. The NFTs are historical collectibles, guaranteeing pre-sale access for their 2023 festival.‍

Learn more:

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DevRel Engineer at Crossmint