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Jack Butcher Leverages Cross Chain Payments to Boost Sales

1717 phygital NFTs minted, 50% using Cross Chain Payments, 25% using fiat payment, and only 25% paid on the chain where the mint took place.

Jack Butcher Leverages Cross Chain Payments to Boost Sales
Among all 1717 sold-out mints, 75% came from Cross Chain Payments and fiat payments via Crossmint.

1717 phygital NFTs minted, 50% using Cross Chain Payments, 25% using fiat payment, and only 25% paid on Base where the drop happened. 

Jack Butcher and Salvino Armati's Oviator NFT sales during Art Base Miami was sold out in 12 hours - the key to its success was the fact that people could pay whichever currency (fiat or crypto) they preferred. 

Crypto Payment before Cross Chain Payments

The adoption of digital assets depends on how easy the user experience is.

In 2021, these are the steps to buy an NFT on Ethereum, if you don't have Ether: 

  1. Set up a crypto wallet 
  2. Write down your 12/24 words, which you may or may not lose at any moment 
  3. Go to an exchange and buy some ETHs 
  4. Transfer them to your Metamask wallet - if you are a first-time NFT user, you might not even know what your ETH address is (and how to transfer it to your custody) 
  5. And after you've got some ETHs, you can finally mint, right? 
  6. No, you have to make sure that the collection you are minting is not a scam website 
  7. Then, you can finally mint your NFT 

This whole process will take… Maybe more than one hour if you are lucky, or substantially more if there's any hiccups.

That's why we say it's still early in crypto - the user experience just isn't there yet. 

We all know where the experience needs to be if we want to onboard everyone: consumers should be able to pay with one click, choose the currency they want to use, and off they go. 

More Options = More Sales 

From our data, the more payment options are enabled, the more sales for brands

Those projects that enabled Cross Chain Payment vs fiat payment only, sometimes saw 50% of sales increase coming from payments from chains that the project is not on. 

The reason is simple - to increase revenue for a given sale, expanding available payment methods means that there are more options for consumers to choose from. The more payment options there are, the more likely customers are going to pay for a sale.


So when Jack Butcher and Salvino Armati were vetting for payment infrastructure provider for the Oviator mint, one of the criteria was "Let's make the payment experience as smooth as possible, and let's make sure that people can pay with whatever currency they want."

The team integrated the Minting API and NFT Checkout products, which enabled Crosschain payment for the project sale. 

The result was nothing short of amazing - among the 1717 mints, 50% were done via Cross Chain payment, and 25% were done by credit card checkout. 

Integrating Cross Chain Payments

Integrating Cross Chain Payments cannot be easier, here's a video from Rohit of our Developer Relations team on how to integrate the payment button into any project: 

Have more questions? 

Hit up our team and see how to integrate Crosschain payment for your next project.

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