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Tokenizing the sports fan experience with AC Milan and Fanblock

Sports tokenization NFTs

We are helping AC Milan tokenize their stadium and build one of the coolest use cases of blockchain we’ve seen in sports 🚩🥳

Fans can acquire a plot of land at the stadium. If something happens on your property during an official game (goals, assists, yellow cards), you get rewards: signed t-shirts, VIP experiences, free tickets, and more.

What's the vision for NFTs in sports?

Today, sports clubs have no way to know who their most loyal fans are. People watch games, buy merchandise, go to in-person games, and promote the team on social media, but clubs have no way to tie together all those touchpoints and reward and gamify the fan experience.

Crypto solves this. Fans can get tokens for interactions across mediums, building a loyalty score with the club which they can proudly show the world. Clubs can incentivize engagement by rewarding their most loyal fans with VIP experiences, opportunities to meet their idols, free skins for videogames and badges for social media, limited edition merchandise, and more.

Blockchain allows benefits to be redeemed with the team's partners (retailers, ticketing and streaming platforms) and affiliates without requiring burdensome integrations and coordination. Anyone can chime in: a bar may give free drinks to fans with high scores to improve the atmosphere.

Things are moving fast. We are working with teams at the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB) LALIGA, Wimbledon, the US Open, and athletes like Patrick Mahomes. Crossmint allows them to build these experiences without requiring any blockchain experience or holding crypto, and making the blockchain invisible to end users.

Crossmint worked with FANBLOCK and Polygon Labs to build the experience with two products: 

  1. NFT wallets-as-a-service. Creating invisible wallets for users, who can sign-up using traditional log-in methods like email. These wallets are embedded in the app, and the user doesn’t need to know they are powered by blockchain.
  2. NFT minting APIs. Tokenizing the stadium and putting it on the blockchain as NFTs, reliably, at scale. Crossmint’s minting infrastructure allows companies to do that securely without touching cryptocurrency or needing a wallet or blockchain experience, in minutes, instead of spending months building it in-house. 

Slow at first, then all onchain 🥳