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What are Leading Web2 Gaming Players doing in Web3?

Learn how leading brands in web2 gaming are entering the web3 space

What are Leading Web2 Gaming Players doing in Web3?

How are Web2 video game companies transitioning into Web3 Gaming

Prominent players in the gaming industry are decisively venturing into web3, leveraging blockchain technology to reshape the landscape of interactive entertainment. 

Companies like Ubisoft, renowned for its diverse game portfolio, have begun exploring blockchain integration to enhance player engagement and ownership through unique in-game assets. Additionally, industry giant Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for NFT interoperability across games and consoles, reflecting its commitment to fostering a more connected gaming experience. Meanwhile, Epic Games, the force behind popular titles like Fortnite, is making waves by introducing nearly 20 NFT games to its Epic Games Store, signaling a significant leap toward embracing blockchain technology and expanding the horizons of interactive gaming. 

As these leading Web3 gaming proponents embrace decentralized technologies, they are pioneering novel ways to empower players, enhance digital ownership, and redefine the nature of interactive gaming. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these companies are doing!

Playstation Files NFT Patent

Playstation owner (Sony) has filed patent applications to allow transfer of NFTs between games and consoles. This move by Sony aims to enhance the interoperability of in-game assets, allowing players to transfer NFTs not only between different games but also across hardware devices such as VR headsets, computers, and smartphones. 

The patent outlines the potential for cross-generational NFT transfers, such as from the PS4 to the PS5. The patent also discusses the use of NFTs for achievements and tournaments, specifying that they could be usable across different computer simulations. Sony intends for this framework to be compatible with products outside its ecosystem, including Xbox and cloud-based gaming platforms. The patent also includes mechanisms to prevent repetitive tasks for earning the same NFTs across different products or games. 

Sony has been actively exploring the Web3 space with partnerships and blockchain-based products, further indicated by its recent motion-tracking wearables and collaboration with blockchain network Astar for NFT and DAO development.

Ubisoft Announces First Web3 Game

Ubisoft has unveiled the trailer for its inaugural Web3 game, "Champions Tactics - Grimoria Chronicles," marking a significant step in the evolution of Web3 gaming. Positioned as a PvP Tactical RPG experiment for PC, the game will be hosted on the Oasys platform. 

The trailer provides a glimpse into the thematic essence of the game. Set in the mysterious realm of Grimoria, players will curate a team of legendary champions, engaging in strategic battles against fellow players. 

The partnership with Oasys was announced during the Oasys Special Event in Japan, held as part of Japan Blockchain Week. Ubisoft's venture into blockchain gaming has been ongoing for a decade, including NFT releases on Tezos for "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint" and NFTs based on Rabbids characters within "The Sandbox." This new Web3 game adds to Ubisoft's history of innovative blockchain-driven titles.

Epic Games Unveils 20 Epic NFT Titles for Web3

Epic Games, the company renowned for titles like Fortnite and Rocket League, has announced an ambitious move into the world of Web3 gaming by introducing around 20 NFT games to its Epic Games Store. While they already offer five NFT games, this expansion showcases their dedication to integrating blockchain technology into the gaming landscape. 

This initiative demonstrates Epic Games' commitment to shaping the future of gaming by embracing NFTs and blockchain, ushering in a new era of player empowerment and ownership. Notably, one of their existing NFT games is Blankos Block Party, a creative metaverse where players design experiences and trade vinyl-themed NFTs known as "Blankos." Among the upcoming releases is Project Red, a mafia-themed first-person shooter with AAA graphics that incorporates exclusive Mobster NFTs for enhanced gameplay. Additionally, Defimons, a multiplayer creature-collection adventure with RPG elements, is set to captivate players. 

This bold move by Epic Games could catalyze transformation within the gaming industry, inspiring other companies to explore blockchain technology and cryptocurrency while paving the way for innovative global gaming experiences.

Long list of video game companies in web3

The image below summarizes the landscape for the top 40 video game companies that have started in web3. Companies are listed by Market Capitalization ($B) and Blockchain stance.

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