Helping Coinbase onboard CocaCola into Web3
By Danny Mulvihill profile image Danny Mulvihill
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Helping Coinbase onboard CocaCola into Web3

Coinbase is integrating Crossmint into its stack to help The Coca-Cola Company, Atari, and other major companies onboard the world into web3 ✌

Brands need speed and ease-of-use 

Coinbase's new Layer 2 launched during summer 2023. Base is a scaling solution that makes Ethereum cheaper and more scalable, and is targeted to developers building real-life use cases.

To inaugurate the launch, Coinbase brought 50+ of the leading brands, platforms, and creators into a month-long program featuring daily mints: Onchain Summer ☀

Crossmint is integrated natively into the activation to simplify the onboarding experience, allowing users to purchase those NFTs with fiat. 

We also made our entire developer platform compatible with Base, allowing companies to create and distribute NFTs at scale and to use our invisible wallet infrastructure on their apps. If you want to get started, simply head into our console or check our documentation. You can mint your first NFTs and create your first wallets within minutes.

In the early 2000s, getting online transformed the world. Today, the world's going onchain, and we are very excited to work with Coinbase to make that happen, faster! ⚡

By Danny Mulvihill profile image Danny Mulvihill
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