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Red Bull Creates 120,000 Wallets with Crossmint to Onboard Artists
By Danny Mulvihill profile image Danny Mulvihill
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Red Bull Creates 120,000 Wallets with Crossmint to Onboard Artists

Red Bull creates 120,000 wallets to onboard artists into Web3 using Crossmint infrastructure - find out more about how consumer brands are using our tokenization infrastructure to onboard users.

Crossmint powered Red Bull’s Doodle Art contest to onboard 120,000 artists from around the globe into Web3.

Create Locally, Share Globally

Known for funding activities exploring the extremes of human capabilities, Red Rull’s Doodle Art took a more creative approach to engage its community - the brand called for submissions of arts inspired by both the brand and artists’ local communities.

Doodle pieces from all over the world are minted into NFTs and dropped into custom custodial wallets belonging to every creator. What's the difference between signing a signature on the piece itself? The cryptographic signatures are embedded in each piece - even after transferring, the authorship of the pieces remain clear to the initial creator.

By enabling the ownership of their creations, Red Bull empowers the community to own what they created.

NFT and Art, a Perfect Match

There is a reason why Digital Collectibles in the forms of NFTs took off in 2021 - their authenticity and ownership are guaranteed by the blockchain, which complements perfectly with the rarity and uniqueness that the art community look for. Since 2021, we’ve seen all types of arts coming onchain from generative arts to music, photography to short video clips. 

In 2021, however, artists had to navigate the technical challenges of creating a custom smart contract, building their own NFT drop page as well as to custody their digital art - the process was technical and inaccessible to a lot of non-digital native creators.

Minting Made Easy

In the past two years, platforms such as highlight and niftykit have made it significantly easier for those who are less technically savvy to drop an NFT collection. Instead of drafting their own smart contract, artists can determine their art collections specificities by clicking on a few buttons. However, they’ll still need to create a website for their own collections, or rely on big players like OpenSea or Magic Eden to list their art for sale.

Crossmint took one step further to empower artists to create their own NFT collections, with 0 code, and sell it to anyone

In the case of Redbull Doodle Art contest, Crossmint enabled artists to mint their art with 0 code - the art is created and minted, before automatically being dropped in the wallet that is associated with the artists’ email address.

Learn more about Crossmint's minting API and wallet as a service.

Make NFTs Accessible to Everyone

Creating and storing NFTs with 0 code is only the first step - Artists rely on art sales and resales to generate income, but building an online storefront without any coding experience is tough. Alternatively, they have to go through large platforms like Opensea or Magic Eden who will also charge a fee for the sales, which takes a hit on their financial bottom line.

Crossmint’s no code storefront extrapolates all the complexity and allows artists to create a 0-code storefront to help artists drop their art collections in 5 minutes here.

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