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Understanding NFT Checkouts vs. Crypto On-Ramps
By Danny Mulvihill profile image Danny Mulvihill
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Understanding NFT Checkouts vs. Crypto On-Ramps

Understanding NFT Checkouts vs. Crypto On-Ramps and why for most users an NFT checkout results in higher conversion and a better experience.

In the blossoming world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), how one chooses to purchase these digital assets can greatly influence their buying experience. Broadly speaking, there are two primary methods available to potential buyers: cryptocurrency on-ramps and NFT checkouts. But what are they, and how do they differ?

What Are Cryptocurrency On-Ramps?

Cryptocurrency on-ramps provide an entry point for users to infuse their existing digital wallets with cryptocurrency using traditional payment methods like credit cards. Here's what you need to know:

  • Existing Wallet Requirement: Users must already possess a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • KYC Hurdles: Owing to stringent regulatory measures and anti-fraud precautions, these platforms often necessitate intricate Know Your Customer (KYC) verification processes.
  • Transaction Approval Challenges: Approval rates for transactions can be discouragingly low, sometimes dipping to 40-50%. This is largely because many banks remain skeptical about cryptocurrency transactions, resulting in higher decline rates.
  • Time Consumption: A newbie might find themselves investing anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour just to buy an NFT. This doesn't even factor in the additional time required to set up a wallet. And imagine the frustration when, after this lengthy process, almost half will find their cards declined.

How Are NFT Checkouts Different?

NFT checkouts, like Crossmint, are geared towards streamlining the buying process. Here's why they stand out:

  • No Wallet? No Problem: NFT checkouts don't demand users to have a pre-existing wallet, making them extremely user-friendly.
  • Minimal Friction: Say goodbye to the exhausting KYC procedures. NFT checkouts offer smooth sailing with higher transaction approval rates – as impressive as 95% in some instances!
  • Trust and Reliability: Crossmint boasts being one of the pioneers in the NFT checkout domain. Designed by ex-NFT project aficionados, it now enjoys the trust of a vast clientele: from globally renowned NFT marketplaces and Fortune 500 companies to individual artists and creators.
  • Battle-Tested SDK: With hundreds of thousands of transactions under its belt, Crossmint's SDK has proven resilient against challenges like blockchain unreliability and advanced fraud schemes.
  • Upholding Standards: Not only does Crossmint maintain a robust compliance mechanism, but it also adheres to best security practices. Its wallet configuration, bolstered by Fireblocks, guarantees the utmost safety of users' assets.
  • Round-the-Clock Support: Offering 24/7 multilingual customer support to both developers and buyers, Crossmint ensures that help is always at hand.

In Conclusion

When stepping into the NFT world, understanding your purchasing options can make all the difference. Whether you're leaning towards cryptocurrency on-ramps or considering more innovative NFT checkouts, it's essential to be informed and choose the method that aligns best with your needs. And with platforms like Crossmint, NFT checkouts are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many. Happy collecting!

By Danny Mulvihill profile image Danny Mulvihill
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