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What is Token Gating? Benefits and Use Cases

The year is 2027, and you've just arrived in a quaint part of Brooklyn, New York. There are no signs on any of the buildings, but you are pretty sure that you can hear things going on behind closed doors. So you put on your AR glasses, and

What is Token Gating?

The year is 2027, and you've just arrived in a quaint part of Brooklyn, New York. There are no signs on any of the buildings, but you are pretty sure that you can hear things going on behind closed doors. So you put on your AR glasses, and suddenly the fronts of the building light up - turns out, these are exclusive hangout spots from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Ambush, or Hermés that are hidden from plain sight. 

How are you supposed to get in? You just remembered that Louis Vuitton dropped an NFT pass to your Crossmint wallet. So you walked up to the gate, tapped your phone on the NFC chip reader and the door slowly pulled open.

Welcome to a Token Gated Experience in real life. 

What is Token Gating?

Token Gating is very simple in principle - by holding a specific token or NFT, users can unlock access to content, communities, and experiences otherwise inaccessible. 

This approach utilizes the blockchain's transparency and security to verify ownership, acting as a digital gatekeeper that ensures only token holders gain entry.

What are the Benefits of Token Gating?

Token gating offers several compelling advantages for creators, businesses, and users alike. 

Here's a more concrete look at its benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Utilizes blockchain's inherent security to verify token ownership, ensuring that only legitimate token holders can access gated content.
  • Exclusivity: Creates an exclusive experience or community, making access a privilege tied to specific token ownership.
  • Increased Engagement: Fosters a deeper connection between creators and their audience by offering unique, token-holder-only experiences or content.
  • Direct Monetization: Enables creators and businesses to monetize their content or services directly, providing a clear value proposition to their audience.
  • Personalized Experiences: Allows for the customization of content, services, or experiences based on the type or level of token held, enhancing user satisfaction.

Token Gating: Use Cases

Token Gating has been widely adopted in the Web3 Industry, but its use cases in traditional industries are even more diverse, here are some examples of what Token Gating can do:

Exclusive Content Access for Music Fans

Holding a specific token grants you access to unreleased tracks, special editions, or private concerts from your favorite artists. This isn't just a fan's dream; it's a reality made possible through token gating, offering a new level of intimacy between artists and their supporters.

Crossmint has been working with Mastercard's music accelerator program to help creators use NFTs to innovate in the music industry - one of the use cases is Token Gating content for those who hold NFT passes for these specific artists. 

Crossmint joins Mastercard’s Start Path Program to provide infra support to builders in Web3
Bringing more brands into Web3 via easy-to-use infrastructure support, shortening development cycle from months to hours.

Digital Art and Collectibles:

Artists and creators can use token gating to offer their supporters exclusive access to digital galleries, early artwork releases, or special editions only available to token holders. This not only adds value to owning digital art but also fosters a closer community of patrons and creators.

For example, Bored Ape Yacht Club's Ape Fest in Hong Kong in 2023 was a token gated experience exclusively for those who hold at least one Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. 


Players might gain access to exclusive in-game items, special levels, or unique avatars that enhance the gaming experience. 

For example, if a player in World of Warcraft was able to get an exclusive weapon as an NFT, they will be able to enter a token gated area in-game. But it gets better - World of Warcraft can come out with a sequel, and the only players who are allowed in the exclusive beta test are those who have the NFT weapon. 

Education and Online Learning:

Imagine accessing a specialized course or exclusive learning materials only available to token holders. The NFTs are issued only if you have completed the prerequisites of the courses (or dependencies) - once you've completed the necessary courses are you able to take a higher level course that goes deeper into the weed.

Events and Conferences:

From the Paris Olympics to tech conferences, token gating can transform event experiences. Attendees with specific tokens could enjoy VIP access, exclusive networking opportunities, or private sessions with keynote speakers, adding a new layer of engagement to events.

How Crossmint Facilitates Token Gating

Enough with use cases - you must be dying to start building the next Token Gating experience for your project. 

Crossmint is the leading enterprise-grade platform for integrating blockchain assets into applications, with a full range of NFT developer tools for creating, distributing and selling digital assets, as well as custodial and non-custodial wallets to store them.

Do you want to know more? Check the documentation.

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