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Museum of Mahomes: Sports Memorabilia NFTs

Museum of Mahomes has sold 3000+ digital collectibles to date, and generated $500,000+ in sales in the few months since its launch.

Museum of Mahomes: Sports Memorabilia NFTs
Crossmint helps Patrick Mahomes mint the best moments of his career into digital memorabilia.

Patrick Mahomes single handedly redefines the NFL quarterback position - his highlight reels can fill up an entire feature length film, and it'll be longer than Dune.

We are helping Museum of Mahomes tokenize the best moments of Patrick's career into digital collectibles as NFTs, which can also be used to redeem physical collectibles. 3000+ digital collectibles have been sold to date, and generated $500,000+ in sales in the few months since launch.

The Middlemen Challenge

Sports cards are historically issued by trading card companies like Panini and Topps. These companies capture millions of revenue each year by offering players a fixed amount of dollar per signature, while the majority of the proceeds of card sales go to the publishers. And subsequent resells values remain uncaptured.

Players do not capture any additional value from the sales of cards that feature them, while the teams and the leagues are left out completely.

The current business model operates this way because the fans need a 3rd party for authenticity reasons - the trading card companies can guarantee that the cards are genuine and will therefore keep their value over time.

Take the Middlemen Out

Digital Collectibles change that.

Athletes no longer have to rely on trading card companies to drop their own collections, and can continuously benefit from secondary sales with built-in royalty.

Sports leagues and teams can partner up directly with the players so that everyone can have a share when a collectible is sold and resold.

For fans, these digital collectibles are guaranteed to be genuine by the blockchain with each transaction recorded - the fans can trace the card back to the initial issuer, and fraudulent collectibles will be a distant memory of the past.

Beyond Digital Collectibles: Build the Ultimate Fan Engagement Tool

NFT collectibles can also offer exciting possibilities for fan engagement and reward - leagues, teams and players will be able to launch loyalty rewards across traditional barriers.

For example, if you are a Dallas Mavericks fan and hold five Luka Doncic NFT collectibles, you may be able to redeem a 5% discount for the Mavericks season ticket, or automatically qualified to win a free 1st round Playoff ticket.

Luka can also offer collectors additional benefits such as behind-the-scene content of his training in the off season, pre-game accesses on the court side or even a surprise one-on-one at Dallas Maverick's home court.

For the league, they can offer holders of Luka NFTs an entry to the lottery for a court side Allstar Game ticket.

All of this is possible because the ownership of these NFTs are public, and are interoperable between everyone within the professional sports ecosystem.

Simple Web3 Backend to Launch Sales

Museum of Mahomes integrated the NFT Checkout to enable fiat payment from Credit Cards, as well as cross chain payments from Solana and Ethereum. This allows the collection's appeal to go beyond Web3 native fans, and tap into the 187-million American football fan base.

Crossmint also powers the collection with the Wallet-as-a-Service product so that any customer will have a wallet under their email, and their digital collectibles can be viewed and transferred from that wallet, all within seconds.

We're excited to see what the next season holds!

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