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Boba Guys Leverages Web3 Loyalty to Boost Retail Sales

Learn about how Boba Guys leverage Web3 to increase in-store spend by 65%.

Boba Guys Leverages Web3 Loyalty to Boost Retail Sales
Crossmint helps Boba Guys Leverage Web3 Loyalty to Boost Sales


Since its launch in November 2023, Boba Guys Passport has helped the brand increase in-store spend by 65%, while onboarding 15,000+ new customers within 80 days of launch. 

Compared with customers who haven't signed up to the Passport, those who have are also visiting the stores 14x more frequently, and spending 10x more (source: here).

Conventional Loyalty Programs

For brick-and-mortar businesses like Boba Guys, there are usually two ways to run a loyalty program, each with its own drawbacks:

  1. Punch Cards:  

Most people lose them, and the rewards are very limited.

  1. Bespoke App-based Programs:  

Usually take months to develop, and are walled by tech-stacks isolated from one another, which requires resources post-launch to maintain.

An Integrated Customer Experience

Tokenization enables a simpler loyalty experience. Boba Guys was able to quickly onboard 15,000+ customers within 2.5 months of the program's launch.

Each customer's entry point into Boba Guys Passport is via simply scanning a QR code in-store - there is no complicated sign-up process, nor more than 1 click to get to the Loyalty Program.

To further simplify the experience, each customer’s profile is created as a Web3 wallet linked to their phone number. In the back end, Crossmint spins up an NFT wallet to store and manage customers' loyalty rewards as NFTs.

Since all rewards are recorded on the blockchain, customers don't need to worry about losing physical loyalty cards or an App being no longer in service. From the end-users' perspective, they can access their loyalty status and reward whenever they scan the QR code in-store with 0 hassle.

The login flow into Boba Guys Passport via Mobile Number rivals any Web2 login experiences.

Tokenize Loyalty to Incentivize Purchases

Boba Guys Passport varies the rewards by introducing gamified experiences, including mystery boxes, puzzle pieces and in-app quests. All rewards are minted as NFTs into customers' wallet.

Some of Boba Guys' Rewards, including Mystery Boxes and Free Drink NFTs.

This allows the brand to introduce incentives to try something new - customers may arrive at the counter looking for a simple milk tea, but are prompted to purchase a more elaborated drink so they can complete an in-app quest.

Boba Guys Passport Quests further incentivize customers to try different things.

The quest might reward them with an extra entry into a mystery box, which can reward customers with a discount that encourage them to come back and get another drink.

Build with Crossmint

Crossmint is on a mission to tokenize brand loyalty programs:

Soccer titans like AC Milan and Manchester City, airlines like Etihad Airways and mega stars like Snoop Dogg and Patrick Mahomes are the pioneers, but other brands and personalities are following.

Huge shoutout to Hang who worked on integrating Crossmint's infrastructure with Boba Guys.

Keen to use the Crossmint infrastructure for your brand’s loyalty program?

Get in touch with us here.

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