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Crossmint, Astar, and Hakuhodo Team Up to Boost Web3 in Japan

Crossmint partners with Japan's leading public blockchain and one of its largest ad agencies to bring our platform and expertise to Japan's largest enterprises.

Crossmint, Astar, and Hakuhodo Team Up to Boost Web3 in Japan

Crossmint is coming to Japan! 

Crossmint currently powers over 30,000 companies and developers building in Web3, including major brands like Microsoft, Etihad Airways, Johnnie Walker, and AC Milan. Now, in partnership with Japan’s leading public blockchain and one of its largest advertising agencies, we will extend Crossmint’s platform and expertise to Japan’s largest enterprises. 

Astar recently launched a zkEVM blockchain on top of Polygon’s infrastructure. Hakuhodo is an advertising agency established in 1895 that boasts 150 offices in 20 countries and over 3,000 clients. The two recently established a new joint venture, Hakuhodo Key3, to help Japan’s largest enterprises integrate Web3 into their core business. 

Crossmint’s enterprise grade-platform will allow Hakuhodo Key3’s partners to integrate with Astar zkEVM using a few lines of code, saving them millions in development costs. As they build new Web3 experiences on Astar, Crossmint will make accessing these applications seamless for end users. Our suite of APIs will abstract away the complex user experience typically associated with Web3, while letting them retain the benefits of true digital ownership and interoperability. Users will be able to sign up with an email address and purchase items with a credit card that are stored in an embedded wallet. Enterprises can subsidize gas fees for users, who can then freely interact with other applications via WalletConnect. 

We’ve already helped some of the world’s largest consumer, automotive, and financial institutions onboard into Web3, including major Japanese brands like Nissan, Asahi, Shiseido, and Toki Air. To facilitate further growth in the Japanese market, we’re hiring a full-time Business Developer to lead Crossmint’s go-to-market based in Tokyo (apply here) and looking to open an office! 

For Astar zkEVM developers 

If you’re a developer building on Astar zkEVM, get started with these three guides: